Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A New Blog Is In The Works!

Hello!  I haven't forgotten about you I promise.  And I still do plan to write a final write up to my great extended stay in Mazatlan this year. 

But, now that I'm home and back into the swing of things, my husband and I have returned to hitting all the excellent restaurants in Edmonton.  So I got thinking and the next thing I knew, the next blog was created!  It's entitled "Curb Your Appetite With Sunseeker" and it will detail all my culinary adventures, wherever I am.

The first installment should be posted by Sunday, hopefully.  It will be entitled "10 Restaurants in 10 Days" and will detail the places we've gone and the food we've experienced since I've been back from Mazatlan.  Unless of course we hit 11 by Sunday . . .

You can join me at

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  1. And the first seven restaurants are posted with more to come!