Sunday, 4 October 2015

With the Winter Season Upon Us . . .

I thought I would share my favorite “patio crawl” routes with restaurant suggestions.  There are so many great restaurants in Mazatlán.  One of my favorite things to do is to grab a few friends and hit five or six restaurants in an afternoon.  We enjoy a libation and share an appy at each place thereby not filling up to much making it possible to enjoy a special dish at each place.

For the first instalment of my “Patio Crawl” series, let’s go to La Marina to enjoy all the great restaurants in this often missed by tourists location.

To start this great day from the Golden Zone, hop on a bus that goes to Home Depot.  Get off at Home Depot and go right down the street behind Home Depot.  This is La Marina.  If you follow this street all the way down you will hit many great treasures for an appy and some drinks
First stop, El Montalayo.  This is a great little spot, super cheap, authentic food, largely unknown by tourists.  Everything is great here but I love the Papas Loco’s.  On the table you are provided with every condiment you would want to load up your potato.  Super good!  I can never finish a whole one.  The other big hit is the rice pudding.  I had never had it before but couldn’t help but help my friend finish hers when she offered me “a bite”.

Next (I think because I don’t know the exact location cuz I haven’t been to this newly opened location yet) is El Memin.  This is the first food memory that I have from my first visit to Mazatlán 10 years ago.  It is awesome!  Shrimp made in every different way you could imagine and for reasonable prices.  Believe it or not, I remember that 10 years ago I had the Camarones Charly.  I love cheese and cream sauces and this is covered in a cheesy sauce.  This will be the first dish I try when I return and then I will make my way through the menu on future visits!

Somewhere in this area, another must not miss stop (at least for me because I haven’t been there yet) is Todos Santos.  Can’t wait to try this place and the Camarones Caramelo – looks delicious!

Next on our stop is Barracruda’s.  This is a highly popular restaurant that has been packed every time I have visited.  It has a great beachy feel with an extensive menu.  They have a pink lemonade that they serve in a big frosty mug that is just delicious.  (I clearly was hung over the day I last visited and was very thirsty!). And oddly enough I think the item on the menu that I want to try on my next visit is a hot dog!

Next stop El Guamachilito’s.  The menu is in Spanish.  The Staff don’t speak much English but I think I can make my way around the menu.  They have Shrimp Pate for 60 pesos which is the lowest I’ve seen so far and Lobster Thermidor for just 225 pesos.

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