Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Patio Crawl Series - The Dreaded Olas Altas

And don't get me wrong - it's only dreaded because where do you pick to go out of so many great places?  And remember, we're going to many places so we're looking for a shared appetizer and a drink, not a full meal.

So while there are numerous new places that I would like to stop and try, the best bet is probably just taking you on my trek from last year.  I really wanted the full experience so we took the Sabalo Centro bus all the way to the end and started at Mariscos Puntilla.  I had the crab on a tostada with mayonnaise.  What a great dish!  So many great things to eat here but I had to pace myself cuz we have lots of stops ahead.

We then walked the hill - MUCH less daunting that I thought.  We made it quick and easy, no problem.  Now that Water's Edge is no longer at Casa Lucila we haven't been there but I'm hoping they improve their menu cuz I would love to stop there again.  Used to have the best Eggs Benny ever - and Rob Lamonica on the piano - perfect!

So our next stop was Puerto Viejo.  Now sit down and hold on to your seats but this was actually my first visit to this amazing institution.  Why hadn't I been hear before?  No real good answer, especially after sharing the tempura shrimp and a bucket of beers.  Food, drink and ambiance was great.  I won't make the mistake of missing this place again.

We continued down the row of restaurants around Olas Altas,  Not hungry enough for a meal but stopped at each place for a drink.

From here, there's so many places to go and so many options to enjoy.  Some times from here we head into Centro and enjoy it's many offerings.  Sometimes we keep going and have some of the best shrimp I've ever had at El Shrimp Bucket.  Their beer battered shrimp just can't be beat!  And for a really tasty and expensive treat, I absolutely love stopping by El Fish Market for REAL Alaskan King Crab.  Not cheap but where else can you get that in Mazatlán?  And eating it in the afternoon, in the sunshine overlooking the water - just a really decadent experience - if you're into that thing (clearly I am!). This year I would also clearly add 101 Clausen to the list and try out their offerings.

Like I said, we could have turned, explored, dined in many other places.  So just go out and find what you like amongst the many great options.  The food scene in Mazatlán is really just amazing!

But I couldn't stop without a Basil Martini at Angelina's - the best!

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