Sunday, 4 October 2015

Patio Crawl Series - Stone Island

Where should we head to next on this Patio Crawl of ours?  Well, I guess the title of my post gave it away, but it was a hard choice.  If I pick the Golden Zone there's so many places to go.  If I choose Olas Altas, arguably even more.  Centro?  Well, that's an area that I'm not even close to being an expert in and yet so many great places to visit.  So, instead, I take the easy way out and pick Stone Island. 

Stone Island is such a great place to go for the day.  You don't even need a Patio Crawl to find great spots because you really can't go wrong with any of the tasty restaurants on Stone Island.  Walk down the beach, stop for a drink and an appy and then move along to the next great spot offering yet another abundant selection of fresh seafood, Mexican food, whatever you might fancy that day.  Easy, peasy.  You can keep going to your heart's content.  The restaurants provide loungers on the beach so you can enjoy the sun, the sand and the amazing expansive beach line - and lots of ice cold cerveza and nice, fruity, slushy cocktails.

For newcomers to Mazatlán, I can't express enough do not take a tour to Stone Island.  You won't get the same experience.  You will be stuck in a crowded restaurant right at the front of the beach jam packed with hundreds of other people eating substandard mass produced food.  It's super easy to get there and you can still enjoy all the activities on the beach - horse back riding, banana boats, ATV's - there's lots to do.  And, yes, the vendors are there too willing to sell you their wares.

I always take the bus and then the water taxi to Stone Island.  Take the Sabalo Centro bus.  It will go into town and past the market and then it will swing around to the ferry area.  You get off right at the end of the line (just ask the bus driver, he will help you) and then take the water taxi across and it's a short walk down the beach.  I believe the water taxi is 25 or 30 pesos per person round trip. 

I usually start off my day at Lety's - it's very popular on the "island" although Victor's and Carmelita's are repeat stops as well and I will hit all three during the day so I start wherever my mood strikes me.  No favorite meal, depends on what I feel like during the day but you can bet it's seafood!
On the way back, we will often stop at La Puntilla.  It's a great seafood restaurant on the other side of the water back near the water taxis.  They have an excellent menu with excellent food and plenty of excellent seafood selections so I usually stop because otherwise I don't often make it out this far unless I'm going to Stone Island so stop and enjoy before you head back.  Enjoy!

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