Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Patio Crawl Series - The Golden Zone

So many places to go, so many dishes to try!  But a Patio Crawl in The Golden Zone (at least for me) has to start at The Aztec Inn for their Blended White Russians.  A ridiculously good, cheap (and strong!) drink that is blended all day long in a slurpee like machine so it is ready whenever you want one!  The bar at the Aztec Inn is a little hole in the wall often frequented by a group of regulars.  They will put your drink in a plastic cup if you want to go outside and sit by the pool.

Next up is The Saloon.  Despite the fact that this place is owned by Canadians, it usually isn't my favorite spot - but only because it is always extremely Smokey.  However, they do have one little dish that I discovered last year that is worth trying to get there during non-busy times to try.  I forget the name of it but is basically a potato roll that is stuffed with mashed potatoes, cheese and bacon wrapped in some type of wrapper (I already had two Blended White Russians by the time I was here) and topped with sour cream and chives.  Absolutely delicious!  I had to share it but it was very good.  Free calls to the US and Canada are offered with a purchase.

Now off to The Golden Star.  Great little spot for a snack and a drink.  Here I like the Oysters Rockefeller - or were they clams?  I'm pretty sure they were clams(I have now added a glass of wine at The Saloon to the two White Russians).

The next place that you HAVE to visit just opened up last year.  It has a difficult Spanish name so I just call it "The Volleyball Bar".  If you head towards the beach from The Golden Star you will find it to the right overlooking the beach and a bunch of volleyball nets.  Great place to people watch and watch a few games.  They have a Happy Hour during the afternoon but I forget the specific details (are you sensing a theme here?)

Now, of course, there are many more great restaurants in this area of The Golden Zone that deliver great meals.  Some of my favorites are Pancho's, Lucky B's, Vittore's and Margarita's but those deliver such great (and big meals) that I reserve these for dinner, not just for a patio crawl snack and drink.

Do you have others you would add to this list?

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