Saturday, 31 January 2015

First Patio Crawl of 2015

Yesterday was a great day for a patio crawl.  It was overcast but warm.  We started at El Torito's which was just great.  It was 2:00 pm and most of the restaurant was filled with Mexican Nationals.  We shared some langostinos grantineed and some garlic shrimp.  We will definitely return.  Great restaurant!

Next we headed to Macaws for a couple of Cesar's famous cosmopolitans.  They were delicious!  Broke our rule and stayed for two.

Then we turned left about a half a block and we were at Angelina's.  Boy do I love this place!  The restaurant is beautiful, the bar was nice and the ambiance is just great.  And then the food!  I didn't really think I'd like this place because the online menu seemed a little sparce to me but their regular menu has way more offerings and lots sounded delicious.  We shared the tapas embazole (sp) and it was truly delicious.  I will be returning here a lot to ty more of the food.  We had a mango martini and a basil martini.  You have to try the latter!  I know it sounds weird but it actually is delicious!

Next we went to the rooftop at Jonathon's to watch Cheryl Gaudet play.  Paul and Londa and the whole gang were up there so that was nice.  Then the rain came but then it stopped.  But then it came again and stayed so we made our way back to Macaw's to hear Lori and Rob.  They were great as usual.  Had a couple more cosmos!

Then went in search of more music.  Twisted Mama's was closed and Baja Style didn't have Zaz playing as promised.  So back to Gus Gus for . . . more Kannon!  Shauna had joined us by this point so we went to Diego's for a late night snack (I had their amazing Mac and Cheese off the kids menu- it's really good) and then we walked Shauna home and tucked ourselves into bed after another fun filled day in Mazatlan.

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