Friday, 16 January 2015

My "One Week To Go" Lame Poem

Here I sit with just a week
Until I go to Mazatlan to restaurant seek
Of course there's more to Mazatlan than just great eating
I'll also be doing a lot of "Margarita-ing"!

Where are the places that I want to eat?
El Torito, Loco's Loco's and Pancho's can't be beat
La Mazatleca, Corona and Mango's are just a few
Of the restaurants this year nearby that are new

Speaking of drinking you best buy your wine now
I have a history of clearing out Mega in one fell swoop - wow
And then of course there's Diego's Beach Bash
They won't give me glass cuz it's likely to smash!

Mazatlan has so many great things to do
Like the theatre, the museum and artsy stuff too
Who am I kidding? While those things are great
Stuffing my face is more likely my fate

I'm going for two months
Oh what a treat
This holiday will really
Have those short trips beat

With this long of a trip and all of the eating
I best be going to the gym and take the beating
I actually plan to Zumba with the Las Gavias gals
They are a wonderful group that I'm glad to call pals

There's great music in Maz and lots of great bands
Like Kannon, Rock Creek and Brenster out on the sands
Of course I will find Rob Lamonica where he plays
That will be easy cuz he's somewhere most days

Again this year there's the Brenster and Carrum show
Tonight is the Three Amigas, I wish I could go
Then of course next month the Good Brothers will play
March has Joan Kennedy, glad I can stay

Oh how lame I must be if I'm writing this poem
I just want to get there and patio roam
So if you're reading this pray for me that the week will go fast
So I can escape this winter weather and in the sun I can bask!


  1. Not lame at all. One week you can do it! It will fly by. I love the poem, I hope you keep up the blog while you are away. I'm no longer lurking the boards but stalking them. 49 more days for me.

  2. Wow! Who would have known. I'm impressed.

  3. Great job Laura...a poet in the glad that you will be there soon to keep me abreast of all the happenings in Maz...very anxious to read your take on El Torito...hang in there, Maz is just around the corner and keep honing those literary talents...

  4. W0W you really have outdone yourself. Another hidden skill. I'm sure this week will crawl by but I predict sunny skies and warm weather in your near future. Personally I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear of the dining climate in Mazatlan. Look on the bright side we are at 65 days but at least the weather is mild again.

  5. You are all too kind . . . and I have far too much time on my hands as I do nothing but think of Mazatlan and wait for six more days!