Monday, 26 January 2015

Only Took Three Days And A Sober Minute . . .

To figure out how to get back on my blog!!

Oh well, I've figured it out now and I'm back - with three days of catching up to do!

My Saturday flight was uneventful.  I finally got my bags down to just 3 pounds over between the two of them so the nice woman at the US Airways counter let me through with a warning to ensure they are under when I come back as they are sticky on the way back.  No problem - all that white chocolate liquer for my martini's on the deck at night will be long done!  Otherwise, the flight was uneventful, pleasant and went fast.

Arrived in Mazatlan to a cloudy but warm day.  Got picked up at the airport which was a real treat!  Got settled in the condo and quickly went to Loco's Loco's to say hi to everyone.  Spent a nice afternoon there but I have to say with the wind off the ocean it was a little chilly.  Thought I best go get a light sweater for the evening.

Decided to go for a walk.  There are a few changes that I will talk about over the upcoming days.  Went and visited some more friends and then headed to F.I.S.H.  They have free wi-fi there and I was having such a good time I wanted to blog from there but alas I couldn't figure it out but I will try and re-create how I was feeling.  Got there and Rootsterford was playing.  These guys have seriously improved over the last year (or I had just had a lot of wine by that time) and they were REALLY great.  Gabe greeted me with a warm hug and all the guys welcomed me back.  I quickly ordered a cup of clam chowder and the Mix and Chips which I had never tried before.  The clam chowder was excellent as usual but could have been warmer.  I didn't send it back to get warmed.  The mix and chips were excellent.  I had never had the oysters before - absolutely excellent!  I will return for these for sure.  The music, the ambiance, the food was all great and I enjoyed myself immensely.  My first night by myself and I just had a great time sitting outside, enjoying the music and the food in the fresh air.  But then it started getting late and the kids were coming in and lots of smokers so I ended my evening with a goodbye to everyone, promising to see them again soon, and I walked home.    A woman by myself in Mazatlan with all my bling on - totally safe!  Hit the bed and fell right to sleep after a long day of travelling and hardly any sleep the night before.

Sunday was great!  Got up a little later than expected and I was a little late getting to Loco's Loco's for breakfast buy hey, I'm on vacation!  And it's Mexico so people will wait.  Well some people!  As I'm walking the beach I see a fellow walking towards me that looks an awful lot like Chad.  Sure enough it's him - he didn't wait at breakfast!  No problem though all I had to do was suggest a Margarita and he and his friend Jeff were back at Loco's enjoying a morning beverage while Darlene and I had breakfast - delicious as usual!  And then one margarita led to a few (can't out others on my blog that would be bad form!) and we ended up enjoying the day there with many friends popping in and out to say hello.  Again it was a very cloudy day and there was lots of winds and at times I was downright cold.  I hope this isn't a sign of the weather in the future.  I think we're expected to get another day of cloud Monday but then I hope we'll be good!  AguaMaz - where's my weather report?

It was then time for Cathy to arrive so back to the condo to greet her with a welcome drink.  We then had to quickly shower and get ready as it was the Mazatlan Comedy Club night.  So we headed down to the Venados Showroom at the Playa Mazatlan and quickly went around to say hi to everyone and then hit the buffet table.  I have to say, the food was ok but nothing outstanding but they did keep your drinks full throughout the night.  The comedy was excellent and everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves very much.  Congratulations to Cheryl Gaudet for putting this on!

Then it was on to Las Flores for Kannon!  Angel was not playing so I was allowed in despite the restraining order!  My friend Melanie got up to sing with them twice and it was just excellent!  Then headed to Roots and listened to ZAZ for a bit and called it a night.

This morning it is cloudy again but warm.  We will take the opportunity to finish unpacking, going to Mega to get some "supplies" and maybe I'll get a chance to catch up on the blog and the new website.  And we're off to Mango's for breakfast so I will report on that soon!


  1. Glad you are there safe and sound. I was wondering why you had not posted anything. I am sure you and Cathy are up to trouble but having a wonderful time. Stay safe, and for gods sake do not be walking late at night by yourself. Crazy girl. Take care have fun.

  2. I am living vicariously through both of you so please keep up the posts!