Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ten Days and Counting!

My departure to Mazatlan is really coming close now!  Just 10 days left (my friend Darlene will say its 11 days but I keep telling her I'm going to use the countdown that gets me there sooner - Ha Ha)!

So, as usual, I'm on my pre-Mexico diet.  It's actually gone very well and I have gone 9 whole days without a glass of wine!  Come on - you all know me well.  You know that that is a feat close to impossible!  I have lost 9 pounds, but in fairness, many of those pounds were put on over Xmas when I visited many, many great restaurants and ate such amazing food during our great visit home to Victoria for the holidays.  I have 10 more pounds that I would like to lose but only 10 days to make it happen.  Sadly, I do not think I will hit my goal before my trip - again!  Every year I have the best of intentions.  And then there's the reality that I'm going to go to Mazatlan and will resume eating great food with reckless abandon and will likely gain more than just a few pounds back - it's a vicious cycle!  I do have a plan to go to Zumba with the Las Gavias gals, walk lots, climb the lighthouse a few times and maybe even hit the gym now and then.  But I do love my food and wine and like enjoying my holiday time!  But onto more fun topics . . .

The weather in Mazatlan has been great so far this year as last year was.  Many of the regulars are already down there and I'm excited to be able to join them soon.  It will be hard to leave my boys and I'm not sure that Dante will really understand where I am and why I'm gone so long but Philly will join me for a couple weeks mid-trip and I'm not sure Nikko has lifted his head from his PS-4 since sometime last summer so he probably won't even know that I'm gone.  Plus he's driving now so he has more important things on his mind than his mama.  Cory is still off in Ottawa being one of the top 5 bartenders in the city and livin' the dream!  He's becoming quite the traveler in his own right having spent five weeks in Europe last summer, was in Japan and Korea in November, came to Victoria with us for Christmas and has already booked a flight to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for next October.  He too is becoming quite the foodie so I see a food related mom and son trip in our future!  (Hey Kanky, I'm beginning to think this is sounding a lot like those family newsletters that you love so much!)

I am lucky that along with Phil, three great girlfriends plan to join me over my two month vacation so I won't be lonely!  We will no doubt have tons of fun and make lots of great memories.  And for two of them who are new to Mazatlan I will be introducing them to our version of "paradise".  Once they give me license to share their names I will reveal who is coming with me  (a bit of a cliff hanger to keep you interested and continuing to follow the blog to find out who is coming!) and will tell you all about our adventures.

So, I get the blog is a little boring right now while I'm still sitting in my flannel jammies, bundled up in my beloved flannel blanket, sitting on my couch in -30 degree weather but I hope you will enjoy following my vacation once it gets started - did I mention that is in JUST 10 DAYS?  And did I mention I'm going for TWO WHOLE MONTHS?!  Just a little excited.  I will talk to you from Mazatlan!



  1. Sounds like you maybe a little more excited then I am, but not by much. You better hurry though or I may eat all the chowder at F.I.S.H.....

  2. And I have to say I HAVE 8 MORE SLEEPS till I get to paradise. Sorry if I raised my voice a little.

  3. Yes I can imagine how cranked you are. I'm getting excited and still have 68 days to go! Ugggghhh. Sure wish "Philly" was going to be down when we get there our timing was not good this year. We too are bringing down some first timers although it will be Easter weekend and motoweek when they will be down I'm sure we can find something fun to do in spite of the crowds. Think we will have to hit the merdado & plaza machado early in the week. See I'm already planning my days out, just think how crazy I will be when I'm down to 10 or 8 days. Did I mention that I will know worry if there will be any chowder left at FISH for us when we get down there.

  4. Chad - save some chowder for me! We are both VERY excited! Philly says he wants to go fishing in February.

    Jack - Yes our timing is bad this year but at least I'll have a couple of days once you get there to say hello before I have to go. You should be worried about whether there will be any chowder left - as others should worry if there will be any box wine left at Mega cuz I usually clean them out!

  5. Ok after two days if trying I finally managed to post something. Too many days for me to count but clothes are getting sorted. So happy you get to go for a fee months. I look forward to reading your blog.

  6. So Deb let it out of the bag - she's one of my esteemed guests! Coming in March.