Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kannon, Kannon and More Kannon!

Okay, so left off yesterday (Wednesday) at breakfast at Nasha's.  Food is good and very reasonably priced.  Then we headed down to La Corriente in the afternoon to see Kannon play.  They were EXCELLENT as usual!  And while I very much miss La Canoa the setting at La Corriente is very nice and it was great to watch my favorite band in front of the ocean while the sunset goes down.  It was amazing.  As for food, we did have a little snack at La Corriente.  Cathy had a tostado and I had a little dish of chopped clams with vegetables, bacon and melted cheese.  It was good. 

While there, I gave Angel the beautiful picture that Philly made for them.  They all loved it.  They posted it on their Facebook page - you can see it there and further down on my blog.  Of course, I should have brought five because they all want one.  So Phil - you'll have to make four more!

Then the gang jumped in pulmonias and headed to La Catrina to see Tanya.  She was great as usual.  Cathy and I shared the combo shrimp with coconut, grilled and imperial shrimp.  Cathy said it was some of the best she has tasted.  I'm not really into eating at La Catrina much. 

Then off we went to Gus Gus for guess what?  More Kannon. Cathy and I danced and enjoyed LOTS of wine!  So we had to head home for bed but, of course, then we were hungry on the way so we stopped at Villa Italia.  I had spaghetti carbonara - it was excellent!  Cathy had a salad - she is so good and I am so bad!

So here we are now into Thursday.  It was a rough morning.  I don't quite have a hangover but I bet it's as close as I've been in years!  We were supposed to have a pool day today but the weather isn't cooperating.  It's very warm but very overcast.  So we weren't too motivated to get up and do much so we got off to a slow start. 

Finally decided to head out for something to eat which turned out to be a bit of an event.  We first decided that we wanted to try out the new La Mazatleca.  Well, right from the get go I wasn't feeling it.  There were workers working on the beach patio so we had to sit inside.  It was all closed up and I didn't like it.  The music was too loud and the menu didn't appeal to me and it was fairly pricey so we decided to leave.  I figured out that what my tummy could really use was some clam chowder.  So we headed to El Fish Market cuz I haven't tried it there and I wanted to compare it to F.I.S.H.  So we sat down and ordered and no clam chowder - for four days!  So we headed to the new nearby Mariscos La Carona (where the old Ernie's used to be).  That have a good menu with lots of different shrimp and fish offerings for a reasonable price.  The food was good but wasn't sitting well in my tummy.  We'll return though.

So now just chillin' on the deck.  It's still very overcast but it's warm.  Have a couple of hours before we have to head down to Lucky B's - to see Kannon play! 

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