Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Three Amigas and "Just Call Me Hank"

Last night Mazatlan was treated to the sold out show of the Three Amigas (Beverley Mahood, Michelle Wright and Patricia Conroy).  It is part of the Brenster and Carrum Country In Mazatlan Concert Series at the Venado Showroom at the Playa Mazatlan.  Check here for the rest of the schedule for the season:

Here are the Three Amigas with Hank:

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Now I can't believe anyone who doesn't know Hank but apparently there is one of you out there so check this out:



  1. now how happy is HanK? That beats the Brenster anytime! Good on Hank! Sorry I missed the show but will be at the next one;Glad the show sold out but certainly not surprised!

  2. I'll be at the next show too Sue! Missed the Good Brothers last year so happy to get to see them this year.

  3. I may have met him and just forgotten that happens a lot with me especially the last few years. Okay so now I know! Today anyway.

  4. OK, I'm guilty! But now that I've seen the video I do seem to remember him from somewhere on one of my pub crawls. But I may have been drinking Mezcal at the time ;>)

  5. Don't know if this was posted before, but a great example of entertainment in Maz.