Thursday, 5 March 2015

Busy, Busy

Okay, a post completely dedicated to Philly - and the clothes he wears!

It is pretty funny - now that Darlene explained it to me.

But for those that know Phil - particularly on vacation - he wears the best clothes ever!  He arrived in Maztlan in bright lime green runners - that didn't match anything else he was wearing - but he looked great!  And everyone commented.

Since then he has been in typical Philly style - a loud Hawaiian shirt with some great shorts.  Today, Darlene and the Las Gavias girls told me he was "busy, busy".  Apparently there is a comic strip of a husband and wife where the wife tells the husband you can wear "plain and plain", "plain and busy" or "busy and plain" but you can't wear "busy, busy".  We have discovered that that is Phil's life!  A loud Hawaiian shirt with busy shorts - that don't necessarily match.  But he's too cute!  He's so handsome though he even looks good falling through a floor!!!!  LOL!!  

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