Monday, 9 March 2015

I Miss Phil Already!

What a crazy day!  I woke up this morning (well, in fact I didn't sleep much) cuz I was sick from allergies - exposure to smoke.  So I couldn't breath and my chest was in so much pain.  Terrible way to send Philly off.  But we went to breakfast at Loco's Loco's and for the record - I was there before the scheduled 900 am arrival.  I was dead tired and hated getting up that early but I was there!!

We had a really nice send off breakfast for Phil with Darlene and Louis, John and Diane, Melanie, Art and Mark and Jackie - and Javier of course.  So sorry that Ada-Lou was sick and couldn't join us.  It was really nice for Phil though that everyone showed up to send him off.

Then back at the condo - everyone showed up in the lobby to wish him well and say goodbye as well - only I sent him off in the cab a few minutes too early (cuz I'm a stress pot on travel days).  So many thanks to Dave and Jodi, Darlene and Dan, Tom and Diana, Chris and Joani, Anne and Larry and Josie - and of course Melanie - for showing up to say goodbye.  I told Phil that he missed his goodbye kiss from Tom.

When Phil left I was really sad and had a bit of an anxiety attack.  I Skyped Deb and Nikko and they made me feel much better.  And after doing a bit of laundry I headed down to the pool (instead of heading to bed which is what I really felt like doing cuz I was feeling sorry for myself).  I'm so glad I did because we ended up having a great day!  It was overcast and cold so sitting by the pool wasn't good but then the gang said "You wanna play Mexican Train?"  Well my Aunt and Uncle will be shocked because we played it at Xmas and New Years and I hated it - but Phil loved it.  We played today (a different version albeit) and I loved it.  We had tons of fun.  So much so that after the first game I said "Who wants to play another game?"  It went so long that we were late for happy hour at Josie's to meet her grandaughter and her boyfriend but we got there!

Then we headed to Fat Fish for dinner - and I actually ate!  I know it's shocking but I've hardly eaten since I've been here (even Nikko asked me today when we were talking about how many restaurants I've been too - cuz that's what I do - but it's been hardly any).  And Phil - you'll be glad to hear that I threw out those seven or eight boxes of half eaten meals that have been in our fridge for the last week!

After dinner we went to La Catrina and had a great time.  KraKen let me sing with them again - what a treat!  And Melanie finally stayed up late enough to see it!  And some of my Las Gavias friends were there as well so that was great.  Hank and the gang headed to Las Flores to see Kannon and normally I would have gone but we headed back to our condo for a nightcap.  It was fun to have Tom and Diana, Tom and Josie visit our place and we had lots of fun.  All of that to say, I was so sad when Phil left today but my great friends made sure that my day ended up okay.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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