Thursday, 5 March 2015

Laura Stayed Up All Night and Started the Next Day Drunk, Laura Bumped her Head But Then Phil Broke the Floor!

So, obviously, I have lots to catch up on since my last post.  Can't even remember where I left off!  There are some pretty funny stories but god help me, none of us can remember them all!!

Okay, let's see if I can go back two nights.  After my "KraKen Singing Deubt" I doubt I could get over the excitement.  Soooo, I stayed up all night while Phil and Melanie slept like babies.  When Melanie got up for Zumba in the morning - I was still up!  So I went down to the lobby in my jammies, with my wine glass in hand, to say bye to all the gals and wish them well as they set off for  Zumba.  I planned to go every Mon, Wed, Fri this season but haven't made it once yet.  Honestly though, I think the funnier story is that I was still up, drinking wine, and in the lobby saying bye to them all as they went to Zumba!!

Best part of that day - I started it already drunk.  It was pretty fun!  We headed to La Corriente to see Kannon.  We gave them the great pictures of the band that Phil took last year and got mounted on poster boards.  We had one made for ourselves that we got the guys to sign.  That's gonna be worth something some day soon cuz they are great and will be famous!

Then we headed off to Happy Hour at Allen and Marilyn's.  It was Marilyn's mom's birthday so we had a great time.  Then we had to run back to the condo, drop Melanie off, pick up our friends Art and Aida-Lou and head to a Mexican Street Party for a 25th Anniversary.  Way too much fun.  Chuck and Katy invited us to a Mexican Posada last year but Nikko ended up getting sick so we weren't able to go so this was our first time.  What an experience.  Hundreds of people dancing in the street to Banda Banda.  Food, drink, so much fun.  And the only four gringos there!  And then Phil, who NEVER dances, all of a sudden asks me to dance.  I immediately jumped up, excited for the opportunity, and HIT MY HEAD on a metal spiral staircase (like a fire escape on the side of the building we were sitting under).  The funniest part of this story is that I hit my head REALLY hard, I had ice on it forever, we never did dance and I didn't remember anything about the whole incident until the next day when Aida-Lou sent me an email asking how my head was doing!!!!  My friend Darlene would be saying to me right now "Laura, you really shouldn't be saying that out loud!!"

The party went all night into the morning.  I went home at a respectable 3:00 am.  The night before Melanie said I was slurring my words.  This night when I got home I left Melanie a note about the plans for the next day and I think I was slurring my writing!  I don't know how she ever read that note but she said she understood every word.

So that gets us to today.  We were going with a large group to Surf's Up.  I was up in time, even got in a beach walk and headed out for the day.  It was great as usual.  But I was sooooo tired and not all that fun.  But when it was over I had promised Mel we would go for Cosmos and I was all in!  So we went to Macaws for Cosmos and met up with our Las Gavias friends. 

For dinner we headed to Hector's Bistro.  It was great.  Two of us had the spaghetti carbonara which was excellent, John had the lamb which everyone raves about, and Phil and Diane had sandwiches/paninis of some sort.  Hector came by to check on us himself twice.  Very nice.

So, it's fairly well known that at a certain hour each night, Laura goes and "Laurita" comes out.  But did you know that Melanie has an alter ego herself?  Yep.  When Melanie goes "Gladys" comes out!  It's lots of fun!!  She's going to hate me for revealing that!

And then there's Phil.  We ended up at Gringo Lingo tonight (never been there before in how many years?) but Kannon was playing so we went.  There's kind of this little bird cage kind of thing in the air that hot, young, (and perhaps I should say LIGHT) girls get up and dance on.  When Tom and Phil decided (perhaps with some significant encouragement from the rest of us) to get up there and dance  well, won't you know it - PHIL BROKE THE FLOOR!  His foot came right though the floor.  Broken pieces everywhere, sawdust on the table below.  People - don't lose your souvenier pieces of floor! 

And I think we're caught up - almost! 

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