Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What Happens In Mexico Stays in Mexico!

So today is Tuesday and we all know what that means (even those of you not down in Mazatlan must know after eight weeks) that Tuesday is Brenster's day at Diego's. And one of the songs he sings is "Whatever Happens in Mexico stays in Mexico".  I always laugh because, even though I don't even know how to spell Facebook let alone know how to find it, I know that what happens in Mexico ends up on Facebook!  Well, Joani outdid me today - and props to her because it was super funny - because when I was singing that what happens in Mexico ends up on Facebook, she said "No!  What happens in Mexico ends up on your blog!!!"  Super funny.  So kudos to Joani for making the best quote of the night on the blog tonight!

Seriously, there was one more but I can't think of what it was.  Gosh, if I don't write them down I'm screwed!  Well it was a marathon day after all.  We started at Diego's at 2:00 pm for Brenster.  Then Kannon played there at 6:00 pm.  Then we went to La Katrina to see KraKen quickly (and yes Phil they let me sing!) and then we went to Por Que No to see Kannon again.  It really was an amazing day!

Going back to cover yesterday we went to the street party which was good - not as much activity as last year though, that's for sure.  Then I broke from the Las Gavias crew - who split between going to Taco Time (not the Canadian one) and Nasha's.  I decided to head out to dinner by myself to Vittore's.  Because I haven't eaten much I was really looking for a filling pasta meal.  Well, I ordered it but only ate a couple bites.  It wasn't as good as I was hoping for but not bad either.  I brought the leftovers home.  Today I ordered a cheeseburger at Diego's which was good, but I couldn't finish it all so I gave the other half to Buzz, Brent's dad.

Everyone was commenting today on how much they miss Phil and how they wanted me to pass on hi's from all of them. He's a pretty popular guy around here!

Overall a really great day but I really want to remember the other funny line that we said was going to make the blog.  I'm sure someone will remind me tomorrow!

Down to my last week . . .

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