Sunday, 1 March 2015

Blended White Russians, The New El Sinaloense and Massages at Our Condo!

So I have lots to recap over the last couple of action packed days! 

What started out yesterday as a lazy day by the pool quickly turned in to anything but!  We decided to go for a beach walk and just planned to walk.  Well, we got down to Ocean Palms and everyone was sitting on the bar stools near the edge and quickly called us over to join them.  They are such great people!  So, again, we spent the afternoon in the pool there and then upstairs for Happy Hour. Does it get any better than this? 

After Happy Hour drinks our friends introduced us to something new in Mazatlan - Blended White Russians at the Azteca Inn.  Absolutely amazing!  I love them!!  They were 45 pesos and absolutely delicious (I learned later that they are actually much cheaper than this!).  I am going to bring my Las Gavias friends down and introduce them to them!!  You will have to go there and try them!

Then we absolutely had to eat - for god's sake no one can just keep drinking without eating!  We headed to the new El Sinaloense restaurant - across from Sam's Club.  Last year it was the new Gamba.  We had a good meal there last year but this year it wasn't as busy so I wasn't sure.  We got a menu and I was totally impressed.  Now if the food would just live up to it.  I ordered a glass of wine but they only had Merlot.  I asked if I could just have my own wine (in my "wine purse") they said "Yes".  I asked if they would bring me a wine glass they said "Yes".  I asked if I could take one of their huge laminated menus so I could blog about them they said "Yes".  So far, we're off to a good start!!  And then the food came.  It was totally amazing!  Great menu that also delivered on good taste and quality.  We will definitely be back.  But what is the problem?  There were four of us that shared three appetizers and we were totally full.  We planned to go to La Brochetas for our entrée after but could not.  Too full.  We must be getting old. 

So instead we walked to Lucky B's to see Kannon and then on to Las Flores and enjoyed KraKen for the rest of the night.  Good night!

Today we started our days with massages at our condo.  A gal came to us and we have two massage rooms available.  It was AMAZING!  Phil's still not too sure about others touching him though!  But it was great and we both enjoyed it and were very relaxed afterwards.

After another rushed shower, we were heading out to Happy Hour at Josie's.  Another new set of friends came in today and that's how we welcome them!  Then down to Diego's to see KraKen.  2 for 1 drinks and the best company ever - how can you beat that?  Then we went to Fat Fish for dinner.  Now Fat Fish is a controversial place - you either love it or you hate it.  Lots of debate about the smell, the cleanliness, and how many birds crap on the grill.  But they serve good ribs - and how bad can it be when the grill is 500 degrees!  In all fairness, Phil and I did catch e-coli there last year but it didn't deter us from attending again tonight with our friends and we've never bad mouthed them - we just wouldn't eat the salad!  Darn - another excuse to not have to eat salad!!  Why? Why? Why? though do we continue to order full meals.  Ever day our fridge fills up with half eaten meals - we need to just share!  Tonight though two full meals for 190 pesos - how do you pass up on that?  And we got a fully loaded baked potato - so good after being gone from home for over a month.  And many will tell you the potatoes down here are way better than home!  So Phil has a whole steak he can enjoy tomorrow. 
Headed back to Diego's to hook up with friends and watch the last few songs of a couple from San Diego.  They were good.

Then off to Baja Style to see Zaz play.  They are always good.  Maybe because I only ate about an 1/8 of my dinner, and maybe because friends told me it was so good, we ordered the Steak Papas.  It was delicious.  Really good.  Now another Styrofoam container in the fridge though . . .

All that to say - it was another really good day in Mazatlan!  Life is good today.

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  1. Thanks for the "visual" visual on Fat Fish. I have a funny feeling my meals there will different forever now! I know what you mean about the love hate thing. We usually go there with quite a few people and seem to always get stuck sitting right by the speaker. We like the tunes but it is hard to think much less hold a conversation. Love the food and I have always ate the salads in the past. I keep telling you we are always open to leftovers here so if you FedEx them should only take a couple of days. Hope Phil gets time to go fishing with Chad.