Thursday, 19 March 2015

White Chocolate Martini Party!

It's White Chocolate Martini Party Night!  Brought two bottles of Godiva White Chocolate and two bottles of Bailey's down with me and still haven't drank them.  I know - what a different year from last year when I had a Martini on the deck and watched the sunset almost every night.

So having a bunch of people over for Martini's.  I do this every year and I stress myself out every year!  I have a party to finish off the remaining stuff in my fridge and bar but then I worry that I won't have enough stuff so I go out and buy more.  It's a viscious circle.  So this year I said I wasn't going to have any snacks (who says that?!) because I have no food in my fridge (cuz I haven't eaten this whole trip!) so my friends are bringing all the snacks (I'm a terrible hostess!)  Oh well.  We'll have tons of fun and I'm sure if I feed them enough Martinis they'll forget that I didn't give them any food (oh yeah, except that I just admitted to it on a blog that can forever be accessed!)

Yesterday I headed on the bus to Centro by myself.  Was planning on finding something to eat and wandering around.  But the pull was just too great.  As I was passing La Corriente where Kannon was playing I pushed the button on the bus and got off.  Was glad that I did.  Bill, Melanie, Tom and Pam were there so I sat with them and enjoyed the afternoon.  I then headed to Angelina's for dinner.  Russ and Jane were there so I was able to get a pulmonia back home with them after a very nice fettucini alfredo dinner and some wine.  It was good.

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