Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Finally Some Updates!

It has been a busy several days.  Not sure I'll remember everything but let's give it a shot!

Thursday March 19th

We left off going to the Martini Party.  It was great.  Great friends, great drinks, great snacks (thanks to Melanie, Pam and Londa that brought them!  Did I mention I'm the worst hostess ever cuz I had no snacks??!!)  Then we went up to Paul and Londa's to watch some great Dick Damron videos, a few of the Brenster and some of the Three Amigas.  They are such great hosts and their penthouse is just so beatufiul.  We drank a LOT!  Loved getting to know Bruce and Opal's family and friends who are absolutely amazingly lovely people.  I hope Opal doesn't mind me saying but she had a little to drink and she had to lay down on the cool tile for awhile (we've all been there right?!)  In a move of solidarity and friendship, I lied down on the tile with her!

Now, despite what you think, I am always conscience of being a gracious guest and to never outstay my welcome.  Well, Paul went to bed and Londa and I were still talking and he came out three times telling Londalicious that she had to come to bed.  I did leave - finally!

Friday March 20th

All I remember is that I drank a lot!  Was I at the pool?  I'm pretty sure I was. Oh yeah, then it was Happy Hour at Buzz and Marg's.  They have a beautiful condo and put on an excellent spread of drinks and snacks (this has been mentioned previously and will become important again later in the blog because I don't make snacks!) After being lucky to be invited to HH, I was again lucky to be invited to Bill and Melanie's for drinks and appies and out for dinner later.  As usual, Melanie put on a lovely spread and their penthouse is abslutely spectactular!  Bill and Patti were there as well and we all had a great time.  We then headed to Casa Loma for dinner which was excellent as usual!  I had the filet mignon with bearnaise sauce which was excellent!  I couldnt finish it all but I certainly finished the baked potato with butter and sour cream.  And we had some Spanish Coffees - along with the light show - beautiful!  When Bill and Melanie went home, Bill and Patti and I got in a Pulmonia to go home.  Well, of course, wouldn't the brilliant one of the group suggest some White Chocolate Martinis!  Like we needed more!  That was at my place but then some other equally intelligent soul decided it would be a good idea to go to their place (I don't know whether it was Bill or Patti but someone is guilty!)  We stayed up a long time!  I fell asleep on the couch on the deck (because why not, I'm in Mazatlan!)  and they went to bed.  Luckily I was able to stumble home a few floors down a  few minutes later.

Saturay March 21st

Oh crap it's Poker Run and I just woke up at 11:000 am!  I have to be at Hank's trailer to catch the Auriga by 11:30 am or it WILL leave without me!  Now I wouldn't call how I felt like a hangover (like Hangover Sunday) but I was certainly slower than normal.  I arrived at Hank's with a bottle of water in hand and was surprised to find Bill and Patti already there!  Patti with a bottle of water in hand as well!  

I made it through the day - just barely - and wasn't the normal "ray of sunshine" that I usually am. In fact at one stop I ordered a lemonade - but it was soooooo good!  We went to some great venues including Barracruda, El Muchacho Allegre, Social Cafe, La Mazatleca, and Twisted Mama's.  And we played dice this time.  I didn't dare eat at any of the  great venues and delay Hank's Aurgia - I learnt last time so thanks for putting up with me again this month Hank!

After the run I got a ride from Michael and Linda to Macaws (thanks guys!)  I missed my friends but saw others and even fit in a world famous fried chicken dinner. Enjoyed our evening there with the Troubadors playing.  When I left I stopped quickly at Puerto Viejo for a glass of wine and Salty Feet was playing.  They will be at the beach fest tomorrow as well.  Well, let's just say that any band that calls themself Salty Feet. . . 

Sunday March 22nd

What the crap do we do on Sunday??!  Oh yeah, I planned to make it all the way to Macaws for brunch and their great Eggs Benny but for some reason that never happens!  The Beach Fest was starting at 1:00 pm and my dear friend Melanie offered to pick me up at 12:15 pm to go so off we were!  It was perfect.  Good parking.  Good seats.  The music for the most part was excellent (but Salty Feet was playing!)  Rock Creek and Kannon were, as usual, out of this world except for a small technical difficulty which I will not reveal and the names will be changed to protect the innocent! Quick jaunt to La Catrina to see KraKen and then down to Las Flores to see Kannon again.  Full, long day.  I did eat though - a great smokey at the bash and Salted Potatoes with butter (the potatoes down here have made it to my favorites list along with their eggs and rice).  

Monday March 23rd

Okay, all caught up.  After the stressful morning of laundry, cleaning and packing I finally just filled up a "sippy cup" with rum and a refreshing blend of a variety of juices and headed to the pool. Because everything was packed, I didn't even have my beach bag but a small blue garbage bag holding my sunscreen and essentials. Obviously I didn't use them because tonight I'm suffering from a burn on my face - after over two months here!  I did pack the After Sun so I have brought it out again!  

After a pool day my "responsible friends" (see previous other posts) came up for the second White Chocolate Martini Party.  Boy were they good sports.  There was hardly anything left but they were obliged to finish all of it.  They were real troupers and they succeeded in the mission they were given!   This party created SEVERAL quotes of the night for the blog that were entirely funny.

In first place comes Tom, dear Tom.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tom and so does Phil.  In fact they were boyfriends for a night when Phil was down here in a night that had Phil kissing Tom.  They broke up the next day for reasons unknown (no, no more details, the story is funny with all the mystery!)  In any event, my dear Tom is one of the lovliest men I know and he is legally blind.  Mid way into the party he offered to take the glass bottles down to the garage cuz we can't send it down the garbage chute (and glass disposal is his chore in the penthouse).  I told him he didn't have to clean up at my party but he insisted so off he went.  Shortly after he got back I realized that there was still an empty Godiva White Chocolate bottle on the counter.  When I asked Tom about it he surmised that we hadn't finished it when he left but I knew otherwise.  It did, however, take me another several minutes to discover that the Kahlua, that was not empty was missing.  So we sent the blind guy back down to get the Kahlua!  It was really cute and funny -- and Tom delivered!  And then at a party that was already classy - no snacks but for a few stale crackers, I then managed to serve Kahlua that came out of the garbage room!  Just when you thought this was the classiest party ever - you missed out on the Martini Shaker - which I managed to break this week.  So I used a plastic yogurt container!

Some other funny quotes of the night - the prize goes to Dave who said "This is my kind of cocktail party  Heavy on the booze, no food!"  He was good with finishing off the Tequila bottle.

With honourable mention are the gals from Michigan that think that Regina is the funniest name ever for a city.  I kind of thought that the fact they have been to Effingham Missouri was kinda funny.  I think they win though cuz I don't think "my girls" will be coming to Edmonton from Michigan for a visit because they can't get there without travelling through Regina (which just cracks them up!) 

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