Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I Made It On My Own Blog Tonight!

Crazy, amazing day - as usual.  Poor Melanie.  When I told her we run from one place to the next, without anytime in between - I don't think she really believed me!  She thought she'd have time to change her clothes (ironed and all) and shower, put on her makeup, do her hair, all that - but NO!  She realized today that that isn't how we roll in Mazatlan!

We planned a simple morning, sunning by the pool but then a walk to the bank machine.  That quickly changed when Michael and Linda offered to take us to the bank, then to Mega for supplies and then to a taco place for lunch.  It was amazing!  Great experience and so nice to share it with such great people.

Then we headed to Diego's Beach Bash.  Not sure that Melanie knew what to expect but she did great!  Honestly, she met at least 100 people in the first 18 hours that she was here and she did great.  She has already been invited on a girls' jewelry shopping trip which is great - cuz I don't shop! 

After Diego's we went with the whole Las Gavias crew to Baja Style for dinner.  It was great - as usual.  They are my responsible friends though, after all, so after dinner they all wanted to go home - and so did Melanie.  So we sent her with them in their capable hands and Phil and I partied for what - another four hours or so??!!  We went to La Catrina to see KraKen - AND I GOT TO SING WITH THEM!!!  It was awesome!  Leslie is so great.  And the crowd went wild - but I'm sure it was cuz everyone had lots to drink that day!!

Then we went to Gus Gus to see Kannon.  There was a bit of an incident there before we got there.  Lots of blood.  And lots of stories - most of them hugely inaccurate from what we could decipher.  I hope the victim of the assault is okay.  He was taken to hospital by ambulance.  Lots of people were a little upset.  Unfortunately, I go to a blood fight almost every working day of my life so I was hardly phased (and I think I actually walked through the crime scene getting blood on my flip flops - oops!) 

But let's focus on the great news story - I SANG WITH KRAKEN!  Too much fun!!  Melanie missed it but maybe she'll build up her stamina over the next week and be able to stay out longer!  She does plan to get up early though and head to Zumba by 730 am! 

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