Monday, 2 March 2015

It's Jody's Birthday!! And Melanie Arrives Today!!

Happy Birthday Jody!  Haven't seen her yet today because they are all preparing for her big party but Happy Hour starts in the penthouse in just about a half an hour.  I'm bringing Oysters Rockefeller from El Fish Market so we'll have to see if they are good.  After drinks and appies on the deck and some cake we're headed off to La Mona for their brick oven pizza.  Two Aurigas are scheduled to pick us up at 5:30 pm.  Melanie's plane lands at 4:00 pm so it may be a little tight!  She'll have just enough time to drop her bags off and run - and so her Mazatlan experience begins!!  Hope she didn't want to shower or anything like that!

Otherwise, yesterday was another fun filled day.  We started off at Loco's Loco's for breakfast.  It was packed as usual on a Sunday. Then headed to the pool for a bit of sun and sleep (I was tired cuz I had to get up early for breakfast!)  Then showers - but ahhhhhh!  As Phil came out of the shower and I discovered he has lost half his face and half his chest!!  He scrubbed too hard in the shower and he's peeling so half his nice dark tan is gone.  It looked a little bad at first but it's blending in now!

Walked the beach and hit Pueblo Bonito for happy hour.  Not very good there.  Drinks are expensive (though we do get 2 for 1) but their blended White Russians weren't nearly as good as the Azteca Inn.  A funny thing happened there though that is worthy enough to make the blog!  As we're sitting having drinks at the pool bar which, by definition was surrounded by the pool, a woman actually came up and asked the bartender how to get into the pool.  It was so funny.  He couldn't understand so she actually asked him about four times before she gave up and tried to find her way into the pool (which was right there!)  Too funny.  (I think she had a few drinks!)

Then we got a text from Chad who said he was at The Palms so we quickly headed there for Happy Hour.  Phil finally got to meet Chad!  Of course they had a great time laughing and joking.  I knew they'd like each other.  We also met Chad's girlfriend Natasha and their friends Andy and Jamie.  We all had a great time.  We had plans to meet friends for another birthday party at Twisted Mama's so we left these guys at Pancho's saying we'd meet them later at Las Flores for Kannon and headed over.  We were late but made it in time for cake.  Closed out the night at Las Flores.  I sure hope Melanie likes staying out late and sleeping in late, otherwise, my body is in for a total culture shock!

Again, Happy Birthday Jody!  Looking forward to spending your special day with you!  Sorry I couldn't find an English birthday card and I knew I couldn't just get any old one in Spanish not knowing what it said after last year when you got the best birthday cards ever! 

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  1. It was very good to meet Phil we did all have some very good laughs. Can't wait till next year....