Saturday, 14 March 2015

I Missed a Day - A Very Important Day!

I can't believe I missed Tuesday - Brenster, Kannon and KraKen - all in one day!

Spent the morning by the pool but headed to Diego's early as they were expecting a large crowd today.  It was great as usual.  Had the Mac and Cheese before we started "imbibing".  It is so good there.  Shared it with three others!  Sammy from the Joan Kennedy band sat with us - very nice guy!

After Brenster, Kannon played from 630 pm on for the first time.  It was great!  Many people stayed.  We had dinner.  I had the Fish and Chips.  It was okay but I was sick so I'm sure it tasted better than I thought.  Tom finished it off and didn't complain!

Then we headed to La Katrina for KraKen.  They asked me to sing "Sweet Caroline" with them but I preferred to dance to it so I let Leslie rock that song and then they let me sing with them again after that.  Always fun - thanks guys!

And I think that ended the day.

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