Friday, 13 March 2015

This Is For "The Other" Deb

So I haven't blogged for a few days.  It's been busy and this tablet is frustrating beyond belief so even when I get a few minutes it's not working.  So my other friend Deb emailed me the other night and said that she goes to bed, opens her ipad, looking for the day's updates and it's not there and she has to go to bed disappointed - so this is just for you Deb (you made the blog and you're not even here!) Also, I hope the other Deb that was supposed to be joining me tomorrow is feeling better and her wrist is healing.

Pretty hard to go back three days - I can't remember what I did yesterday!

Thanks to my last post I know that Wednesday started with us having breakfast at The Social Cafe.  It was great!  My friend's daughter owns it (they are Canadian) and it's a great spot.  I have been there before to watch Rob and Lori play but have never had breakfast there.  It was delicious!  I had the breakfast slider - a perfectly runny egg with bacon and cheese on a fluffy slider bun for 35 pesos.  It was just the perfect size for me.  Others had the breakfast bagel and said it was yummy as well and Darlene wanted me to make sure that I noted that the scrambled eggs were good as well!

After breakfast and a walk we headed back to the condo for pool time.  We've had beautiful weather. Just as I was starting to get a little bored at the pool Bonnie announced that she was going to Bingo so I asked if I can join them.  It's every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 pm at El Paraje (The Place).  What a hoot!  I had lots of fun but had to leave early, running out the door, as the gang had plans to meet for dinner and if I'm not on time they will leave without me!  Which they did!!  But luckily that Cerritos bus only runs every so often so Melanie and I made it to the bus stop in time to catch the same bus.  We went out to the Last Drop for dinner which I was very excited about and it did not disappoint.  They did not have an all you can eat lobster special but they did have a "way more than I can eat" lobster special!!  It was two lobsters plus four shrimp for 199 pesos.  It was excellent!  I want to go back to try their lobster pizza (lobster, cream cheese and gouda cheese!)

After dinner we went back to the condo and went up to the penthouse for a nightcap. A lovely evening and another early night for me!

Yesterday was Melanie's last day so I told her we would do whatever she wanted to do.  We hit the pool for the day and enjoyed another day of great weather.  I quickly headed down to Loco's Loco's for a bit, back for a quick shower and then we headed to the Palms for Happy Hour (which turned out to be not so happy hour - but that's another story!)  So off to Pancho's for dinner with John and Diane.  You can't come to Mazatlan without eating at Pancho's and it was great.  Melanie got the fajitas and I got the queso fondido with chorizo and we shared so we each got a bit of everything. It was delicious and made for a great poolside lunch the next day with I shared with Josie and Joani and there was still some left!

Melanie headed home and I stopped at Palapa Del Mar to see Rock Creek.  Love those guys (and Melissa of course!)  They stop playing at 9:30 pm so I walked home with another couple from the building and it was another early night.

Today Tom left, then Tessa and Brady and then Melanie.  It was sad to see everyone go - and involved three trips to the lobby to do our traditional group send off as everyone had different flight times.

Tonight is the Brenster and Carrum show with the Joan Kennedy band as guests.  It should be great! Pretty much everyone is going - except Chris who has came down sick during his golf game today. Hope you're feeling better soon Chris!  I suspect a large crowd will end up at Las Flores afterwards for KraKen.

Well, I best get upstairs to shower and get ready - and I am pretty anxious to hit send before somehow everything I've written has disappeared!

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