Monday, 2 March 2015

People Find My Clothes Funny

So we had an absolutely great time this afternoon and this evening at Jody's birthday party!  How can we not have a great time with such a great group of people??!!  Highlight of the night - doing the "congo line" to give Jody a birthday hug.  Too much fun!  Many others in the restaurant joined in as well - it was so great!

And I want to give a huge shout out to Melanie's new followers - her family and friends!  She arrived in great form like a real trouper!  Gave her a glass of wine upon arrival, showed her her room, had her drop her luggage off and quickly change and then told her to meet us on the 20th floor for a party!  Within 15 minutes we were headed off in two Aurigas (they are open aired red trucks) used to transport big groups (well, crazy groups too but that's another story!)  Mel was great, and even finished her wine before I did - who can do that??!!  We had a great dinner and she fit in great with all of our friends.  While in the Auriga heading to dinner we saw Chad and crew on the street.  Sounds like he had a good fishing day. 

After dinner we headed back to the condo and put Melanie to bed (after giving her the iron and ironing board of course!  LOL!!)  We headed back up to the penthouse for a night cap.  On our way out, Dave - who clearly wanted to make the blog tonight - said "Are you going to the Drunk Place tomorrow"?  We all laughed cuz clearly he was referring to Diego's Beach Bash.  And even funnier was the fact that we ALWAYS go there every week!  Like we wouldn't be going!  Too funny.  But you made the blog Dave!  And with something way better than "I give out birthday cards for those that don't bring one for Jody" (which is how he was trying to make the blog earlier in the night)!  Speaking of birthday cards - despite my last blog - I did give Jody a b-day card (thanks Dave).  It listed the top 25 songs for old people.  It was hysterical but my great American friends from Michigan and Minnesota thought the best was YMC-eh!  Great card - so I guess Dave makes the blog twice after all.   

So finally on to the title of my post - People Find My Clothes Funny!  This actually happened last night and the night before but is very funny and very worthy of making the blog before now but, you know, I might have forgot for some unknown reason.  But for those of you that know me you know that I'm not a shopper (Auntie Karen??!!)  So the other night I was wearing a shirt that I have received a lot of compliments on.  It's kind of a tie-dyed ripped looking thing.  I have finally had to tell the real story of where I got it.  Because I'm not a shopper, you will never find me in a mall.  But one day, just before coming to Mazatlan, I had to go to a Government building downtown for the day and during a break I headed to the drugstore in the building for a bottle of water.  In the drugstore were these beautiful tops and dresses and the sign said $14.99.  I couldn't believe it.  I asked the girl and she said that was right so I bought two tops and one dress to take the Mazatlan.  So two nights ago a woman approached me and commented on how beautiful my top was to I told her the drugstore story.  Last night the woman saw me again and approached me to tell me she was the one I saw the night before.  She then commented on how nice I was dressed that night (I was wearing a mini-skirt and a t-shirt).  She asked me where I got the t-shirt and I told her what grocery store I had bought it at (the same one that I bought my matching $4 flip flops).  She said,  "Girl - Do you ever go to a mall??!!" It was hysterical.  And even funnier she starting texting her sister, that we had seen the night before but who had already gone home, to tell her.  Very funny!  So don't be surprised that I buy my clothes in the drugstore and the grocery store!

Another funny comment was said tonight - which I love but I get that when reading a blog it always doesn't come across as funny - so work with me!

Melanie arrived and she wanted to make sure that she is a good house guest and that she doesn't "make me mad for peeing where she isn't supposed to pee".  She said that she remembers me travelling with a gal and I was mad at her for peeing somewhere and Melanie doesn't want to be "that girl".  I said what?!  I couldn't recall what she was talking about but assured her that we have three bathrooms and she was welcome to use any of them any time she wanted.  But then I recalled what she was talking about.  Many, many, many years ago I travelled with a gal who unfortunately got "the runs" in Mexico.  We were sharing a hotel room with one bathroom.  For reasons unknown to me, instead of using the toilet she decided to crap in the garbage can in the middle of the room!  I don't know why she did that!!  And Melanie's right - I was probably more than just a little annoyed!  But I also assured Melanie that that was not the same as what she recalled!  But we clearly established the boundary - no crapping in a garbage can in the middle of the room - feel free to use the bathroom!!!

Okay, maybe this isn't so funny after all.  Is this going to be on the internet forever??!!

Life is good today. 


  1. I remember that story. You told me the same story several years ago, and it hasn't changed from your version I read today. The fun never ends in Mazatlan does it!

  2. Okay I am making a note to myself. When visiting Phil & Laura always be polite and crap in the toilet not in the garbage can!

  3. BTW Chad shared a picture on facebook-5 marlin on the dock! I'd call that a good day.