Sunday, 15 March 2015

Patio Crawl #3 - Golden Zone

So yesterday (Saturday) I finally got around to my 3rd patio crawl.  This one was in the Golden Zone.  I started at The Saloon cuz I had to use my big 100 peso winnings from Karaoke a few weeks ago!  I get there to find out that it was the semi-finals night and that the winners from the last several weeks were going to be competing for the finals next Saturday night where the top 9 will compete for a 5000 peso prize.  Josie looked at me sideways because she was intent on getting to Kannon so I promised her I wouldn't stay and I would go with her as promised (sometimes I've been known to change plans at the last minute down here!)  Next stop was Azteca Inn for blended white russians.  I think this is where I made my first mistake of the night - I had two! (not feeling so good this morning).  Then we went to check out the "volleyball bar".  It is a really great new spot right on the beach.  Very neat with a good menu.  We will return.  Then to the Golden Star for Roquefort Oysters.  They were good.  Then we got to Lucky B's to see Kannon.  It's been a few days!  Laura was there and it was great to finally meet her.  After Kannon is was off to Baja Style to see Zaz.  Here I switched from wine to Margaritas on the rocks - why? why? why?  That was my second mistake.  Did I mention I'm not feeling too good this morning?  So it's another beautiful day in Mazatlan but I'm sticking pretty close to home and watching Nascar for the day.

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