Sunday, 15 February 2015

Carnaval Fireworks

What a treat and a surprise!  I wasn't expecting to see the fireworks this year.  It gets crazy and it's hard to get home, especially when I'm on my own, so I decided to forego the fireworks and went for Valentine's Dinner with friends.  There was a large group of us, some of whom I didn't know at the far end of the table.  It was rainy and I was tired so I was about getting ready to leave when a woman came up and introduced herself and started talking to me.  We were having a great conversation and before I knew it she had invited me to see her condo - and the fireworks.  I didn't know that the plan with all of my friends was to return to the Penthouse of the Ocean Palms to watch the fireworks (one of the few places you can see them from that area).  It was great!  The fireworks were amazing and thanks to my new friends for including me.  

Today I headed out in search of a pedicure.  Didn't know where to go because it's Sunday and Gaby's is closed.  Well, wouldn't you know Suzanne showed up by the pool to sit in the sun as she recovers from knee surgery and she said she knew a woman that would come right to us.  So poolside pedicures it was for both of us.  Nice treat!

Tonight I'm off to the Carnaval Parade - something I said I would never do again because of the crowds but here I go!  I have two groups of friends that have a seat for me in good locations where we shouldn't have too much trouble getting home.   I won't have any pictures to post because I'm still working off this dang tablet and can't seem to post pics right but Philly is coming on Friday and he is the photographer so I should have some great pictures to share of all of our activities.


  1. Nice to know about the travelling Pedicurist (is that a word?). Anyway, will have to remember that for my next trip to Mazatlan! Glad to see you are continuing to have a great time!