Saturday, 28 February 2015

Beach Walks

So one of mine and Phil's favorite things to do every day in Mazatlan is walk the beach.  Yesterday was, I think, just our second beach walk this year.  Partly because Phil was so sick for so long but also because the beach just isn't the same this year.

For those of you not familiar with Mazatlan, or who haven't arrived yet this year, the beach is totally different from years past.  While Mazatlan was not hit with the hurricane that Cabo had so much devastation from, a tropical storm did come this way and has left its effects even now, months later.  Whereas we used to be able to walk for miles from our condo in both directions, now we are more limited.  Yesterday when we walked we encountered things we have never seen before, or at least not very often.  The beach in front of our condo is so different.  There are a bunch of rocks that really you can't get around unless it is a really low tide.  So when we ventured out we said "let's try climbing the rocks".  This involved numerous trips on my butt, some slips on the slimy green rocks, and some finangling of my "wine purse" to balance me out.  Then we were faced with the most slanted beach we have seen in years.  That matched with sinking sand that sometimes sunk us several inches.  The normally soft sanded beach was covered in rocks and shells and a foot into the water you could see that it dropped off substantially - at least a couple of feet.  Our friends that know these things though say that mother nature will eventually bring our beautiful beach back.  And for those of you not yet here yet but coming - don't despair.  The real effects for us are from our place down to The Palms Resort.  After that, down to El Cid, to Ocean Palms and beyond - still a beautiful beach. 

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