Monday, 23 February 2015

Philly Arrived

He arrived.  We have a "first night, last night" rule and we always have fun those nights - unless Philly gets into the Tequila!  He was hammered!!  Not good.  But now he owes me two more diamond bangles and another set of diamond earrings so we're all good! 

He arrived at just after 3:00 pm and before 4:00 pm we were at Gaby's (the local beauty salon) so he could say hi to Rosie.  We met our friends Bruce and Opal and they said "Why are you not in bed??!!""  Sorry to my mother in law.  Before that we had a  lot of "why are you not in lingerie" and "why are Darlene and Louis with you?"!  Because they were at the condo waiting for him to arrive with me.

Then we went to The Palms for Happy Hour.  And 30 of our closest friends showed up to welcome Phil. It was amazing!  It was unfortunate that he didn't realize that everyone was there just for him but rather thought that we did this every day!  Thank you to everyone for coming.  When we left we went to Lucky B's to see Kannon and continue to welcome Phil to Mazatlan.  The band was thrilled to see him. 

Saturday is still a bit of a blur for me.  Oh yeah, we went out to Surf's Up for the afternoon with some great friends.  Phil gave a picture to Leanne (the owner of the restaurant) before the storm hit.  It was great.  We enjoyed a great afternoon of Rootsterford and then returned to The Palms for Happy Hour and then again to Lucky B's for Kannon and dinner.  The food there is really good. 

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