Monday, 23 February 2015

The Poker Run!!

Oh my god, such an amazing day!

So we were torn about how to spend our day today.  As true Nascar fans we REALLY wanted to watch Daytona.  But it is also the day of the once a month Poker Run.  So we wanted to do both!  We saw friends last night that I knew were going on the Poker Run and told them we wanted to join them and to let us know.  This morning there was no call, no call, no call.  And Phil slept FOREVER!  So at 11:00 am when the race started I thought that we would just stay in and watch the race and when we got hungry I'd just send Phil out down the street to get pizza (cuz he was the one that slept in after all!)  Thought we'd make some Martinis, have some snacks and enjoy the race!

But then Hank and Gord called!  They said we have an Auriga and we're leaving in two minutes.  I said we couldn't possibly be ready in two minutes.  I said "Have a good time and we'll see you later".  They said, "Okay, we'll pick you up in five minutes".  I asked Phil if he could be ready in five minutes and he said yes, so we ran around like crazy people for five minutes and headed downstairs and got in the truck.  We are so glad we did!  The Poker Run is amazing - five bars in five hours and you get a card at each place.  And a drink at each place of course!  Philly ended up winning second place with three Kings - he (and you know I mean I!) won 2800 pesos!  It was so fun.  We had a great time.  Thanks guys!

The Poker Run ended at 5:00 pm and then we had tickets for the Comedy Club at 5:30 pm.  So we raced to our condo, showered and headed down to the Playa Mazatlan.  Had a great time with many of our friends there.  Great show.  Thanks Cheryl!

Then - guess what?????!!!!  We went to Las Flores where Kannon was playing.  And you won't believe it - because I can't believe it - but Kannon let me SING with them!  I sang "What's Up" by Four Non-Blondes.  I loved it!  Not sure they will let me sing with them again but they made my night!!  My friend Josie wasn't there, nor were any of my Las Gavias crowd, but they will die when they hear about it! 

Another great day in Mazatlan!


  1. It all sounds so fun! Keep it going! Love you guys!

  2. The poker run sounds like fun. Is this an organized thing or just something you guys thought up?

  3. It's organized by the Los Gueros Motorcycle Club. They hold it once a month. It was a lot of fun!