Sunday, 8 February 2015

Okay Now I'm Just Tired!

What a crazy two weeks!  Cathy and I haven't stopped for one minute!  She's getting ready to leave now and it will be sad to see here go.  Maybe I'll slow the pace down now for a bit!

Oddly enough I haven't been going to as many restaurants as usual either because we're always busy doing something.  We did go to Happy Hour at The Palms last night.  Josie and I shared Tempura Shrimp and neither of us enjoyed them but the 2 for 1 drinks were good!  Seems that I'm trying to find something to eat too late at night.  The other night we went to F.I.S.H. for chowder and it was after 1030 pm so they had stopped serving food so I couldn't get any.  Even tried to get them to just give me some to go but he wouldn't go for it.  I'm sure Gabe would have if he was there.  I'm going to have to find time during the day to go down and buy a big bowl for take out and have it in my freezer for those late nights when I haven't found time to eat and get home starving!  Otherwise Josie's been having to cook me chicken patties and hashbrowns at 1200 am!

On Friday Night we went to the Art Walk and then to La Tramoya for dinner.  I had the Oysters Rockefeller and they were good.  There was a large group of us and everyone enjoyed their meals.  I find it very reasonably priced as well.  The Art Walk was enjoyable as well.  I love looing at the buildings, the houses and the architecture as much as I love the art.

Then there was last night!  Last night we went to The Saloon for Karaoke.  A few days ago I got it in my head that I wanted to sing in Mexico and last night I was in the mood to have some fun so I entered the Karaoke contest (that was apparently the only way you could get up and sing).  I had a little bit of fun, got a little crazy and won 100 pesos!  My girlfriends even left me at one point to go see Kannon (like we don't see them every night!) and other friends had to bring them back to me!  It was fun.  And when Karaoke was over and Kannon was done playing at Lucky B's they ran over to Gus Gus and played there so we still got to see them anyways!

Today is a friend's birthday so Happy Hour on the deck of the Junior Penthouse and then off to Mr. Lionso's for dinner.   Ah, nothing but fun in the sun!


  1. Glad you are having a great time. Have you received any singing contracts yet?

  2. Hey Iona - no, no singing contracts yet and even with my Karaoke winner pedigree the bands down here still won't let with them.

    But I gotta tell you - I would have never been able to keep the pace that I have had the last two weeks if I didn't do the half marathon with you just trying to keep up with you. You have trained me well! Pace and endurance wise I mean of course!

  3. That was supposed to say "still won't let me sing with them". That was a crappy Freudian slip!