Thursday, 5 February 2015

I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!

Ok, true story.  Had a little to drink. And my extensive posse that Phil entrusted to take care of me (you know who you are) failed me.  Just kidding had a tumble in the shower and fell on the bathmat and fell hard into the shower hurting my shoulder. It's been a rough couple of days but last night I remembered that I had packed Voltaren so that helped.

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful day in the sun by the pool in the am and then headed to La Corriente for Kannon.  Left early though to enjoy the sunset from our friends' amazing condo.  Such a nice night!  Might bee able to post a couple pics soon.

After that we went to Pancho's for dinner and Pancho made us the amazing Tequila Shrimp except with Brandy.  It was awesome!

Then to Gus Gus to see Kannon.  They all looked at their watches wondering why we were arriving so late.  Then home a little early - for us!  Tomorrow is another big day!!

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  1. Well I sure hope you didn't get hurt to bad. Maybe have to have one less wine today. LOL well maybe not. I am sure missing all sun and warmth that Mazatlan has to offer. The days better hurry up again. See you soon. Save me a little clam chowder please....