Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Good Brothers

Went to the Brenster and Carrum Show last night in the Venado Showroom at Playa Mazatlan to see The Good Brothers.  It was EXCELLENT!  Seriously the best show I've ever seen.  I gotta admit I didn't know a lot about them before or their music but they were fantastic entertainers.  Their music is good, they are funny and their show is excellent.  We just miseed seeing them last year in Mazatlan but next year I'll make sure that we're around for the date they are here.

Then after the show everyone went over to Las Flores to watch KraKen.  We were a lively group. For those who haven't been to Mazatlan - think Seniors on Spring Break!  (Sorry to all my friends that are here!!)

Then Paul, Londa, Hank and I got invited to Bruce and Opal's for midnight snacks.  She is such an amazing cook and puts on a great spread even at 1:00 am.  We ate, we drank, we laughed - until 4:00 am.  Great night.  Good thing it was raining today cuz I needed to sleep in!

Headed out in search of a snack and ended up at Baja Style.  Haven't eaten here before but the menu looks good and my waitress is excellent!  The two for one margaritas aren't bad either!

Heading to Twisted Mamas tonight for Valentine's Dinner.  I think there are about 20 something of us going so I won't be a fifth wheel - I'll be a twenty something wheel! Phil is pretty amazing though. He managed to get flowers to me for Valentine's Day.  What a guy!

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