Thursday, 19 February 2015

Funniest Comments Made in Mazatlan

So, over the last several days there have been many, many, many funny comments made that I said would make my blog.  I make note of them (because otherwise I won't remember!) but then I review them the next morning and I really don't think they were as funny or as appropriate as the night before when we were all howling about them - after all this blog has a very diverse audience - including my mother in law!  Many of whom may not "get" the comments we make when we're having just a few drinks!  But tonight they seem funny again so here goes!

So the other day at Diego's Raul said "were you in the parade the other night?"  I said no.  He said he told his friends that he was sure that was Laura on that float!  Refer back to the "you are famous here" comment!  LOL

One night I said "I paid 85 pesos for this Chardonnay and it sucks!"  My guy friends (Gord, Hank and Rob - the names have been changed to protect the innocent) said "I'd pay 85 pesos for something that sucked!"  They are bad - they know I'm a prude!

Last night I was out with a great couple and they kept referring to me as Miss Mazatlan.  The other woman was a pageant winner and she said "You may be Miss Mazatlan but I'm the "Beaver Queen". She was the TWO time pageant winner.

The other day I was starting a story with "there was one day when I was drunk".  The story got no further because everyone was in hysterics.

Another funny one - after the bull fights my girlfriend Joani asked whether I was okay with it.  I said yeah and she immediately understood.  After all, I go to a knife fight almost every single day!

And tonight my good friend Diana got the best quote of the day - but god help me - I can't remember what it was!  Diana can you help?  We did have great Basil Mojitos tonight. All you naysayers don't judge until you try it.  Everyone loved it!!

New friend Debbie had another good one too but, of course, I can't remember it at the moment.  It will come back to me though. Or she'll let me know!

I do have to say though that after the "anyone could look good in that dress" comment from the other night an absolutey gracious stranger walked by me tonight and said "that's a beautiful dress' without any other commentary.  It was a different dress but we still love that woman!

And by the way - I got home at 10:14 pm tonight.  The earliest ever.  Great effort!

A couple of food comments.  Oh and this brings up another funny late night drinking comment.  I have sadly not been eating much of the great food since I've been in Mazatlan.  I'm busy and have no time and said basically that by the time I get to eat I'm already out and it's late and "like a dog in a kennel, I don't eat where I crap". Hank said "what does that mean"  Luckily Gord was there to translate and said "she doesn't eat where she drinks".  True Story!   That's why I don't eat at Gus Gus or La Katrina, not that the food isn't great.  It just doesn't work for me when I'm drinking!  Again, probably a story that those that are not here won't really understand.  Melanie and Deb that are coming here soon - are you worried yet?  We'll have the best time!

Almost missed going back to the food comments.  Angelina's was great tonight!  For everyone in my group except me!  Ah, and that brings back Debbie's comment.  I had a Beattle floating in my Martini.  She called it Ringo.  We all didn't get it at first but when we did it was funny!  Then dinner. The foods, the smells of Mazatlan is just amazing.  We ordered a starter and a main.  The main came first - except mine. So we had  the tapas appetizer later which is always good.  When my flatbread didn't come I told them to forget about it but, of course, they brought it about a 1/2 hour later.  Oh well, Philly likes cold pizza at night, but not necessarily shrimp and goat cheese pizza!

Kannon at La Corriente yesterday was great as was Cheryl Gaudet at Jonathon's rooftop bar.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful and the company outstanding!  Life is good today.

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