Friday, 13 February 2015


Boy it rained today!  And I got caught out in it.  I thought it was bad when I was on the water side at Loco's Loco's having lunch and had to keep moving further in and further in to keep out of the rain - until I was almost in the bathroom!  But then when I left to try and get home, the road side was crazy!  The streets were full of water, and I mean FULL.  I've never seen it like that before - ever.  I was walking in water half way up to my knees!  Taxis and cars were stuck in the street and couldn't get through.  A bus went by me in the deep water and totally soaked me.  A boy on the bus was leaning out the window watching it and laughing at me - we were both laughing, laughing, laughing.  What really made me laugh was that there were still two pulmonias full of tourists drinking beer going on a tour.  Even funnier, the city tour bus still took a busload of people to El Capitano for lunch because that's where the city tour stops. It's right on the water and last year in the storm almost the whole restaurant fell in the ocean.  And it was still really pouring but the city bus tour people still had lunch there!

It was a totally fun experience.  I hope Art and Ada-Lou got home okay though.  Ada-Lou was getting her hair done and Art was picking up their laundry.  Not such a good day to try and get home with your clean laundry and new hairdo!

Tonight is the Brenster and Carrum Show with the Good Brothers.  Should be good!

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