Sunday, 15 February 2015

I Have a Clam Chowder Fairy

So today after my really late night and resulting late sleep in I was hungry and was on the search for clam chowder.  I headed north instead of south (first mistake).  I stopped at Loco's Loco's (even though I know they don't have clam chowder) to say hi to people.  It started to pour so I stayed a little longer but didn't eat because I really wanted clam chowder.  They don't have it.  After visiting my beloved Doris for quite awhile, I headed out in search of clam chowder.  Went to El Fish Market (it's their signature dish after all) and they didn't have it - again!  They have not had it the entire time I've been here.  So left and hit a few other spots - no clam chowder.

I ended up stopping at Baja Style.  I've never eaten there before but an amazing waitress - Jessica - drew me in and made me want to stay.  I ended up having an amazing dish the Molcajete Rockefeller which is a seafood dish, not like a Moljacete at all  but with shrimp, scallops, fish, calamari in a rich creamy sauce with cheese.  It was delicious!  Before I knew it Gord showed up and we enjoyed happy hour.  And then Gary arrived as well.  What a great way to spend a rainy day!

I had to leave though cuz I had dinner plans with other friends for Valentine's Day so off I went back home to clean up, change and head out.

Oh yeah, back to my clam chowder fairy.  So when I arrived back home - on my doorstep was my beloved FISH clam chowder.  It was so serendipitous and perfect. Didn't know at that time who my "fairy" was but had my suspicions.  Of course, I later found out it was my dear Londa.  She knows I get home late, often without eating, and knowing there is nothing in my fridge and I'm hungry and she knows I love that chowder - she's a dear!  Good call - cuz I got home tonight ( a few hours earlier than last night) but still super hungry so I had a great late night snack.  Thanks my dear friend!


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