Monday, 23 February 2015

Three Days and Phil is Down!

Poor guy.  Ever since he had double pneumonia years back he catches everything.  And Mazatlan can be very bad for respiratory infections - I caught one last year myself that was really bad and I rarely get sick.  I should have known today when we went to Loco's Loco's for lunch and he couldn't eat his burger.  Then we went back to the pool and he immediately fell asleep for the afternoon - not in the "tanning position" but in the fetal position!  I still didn't fully catch on until we headed out for the evening and he wanted to hit a pharmacy.  Then we went to FISH for dinner and he didn't even eat his clam chowder - then I knew!  So he's in bed and I'm home before 10 pm!  Oh well, I needed to catch up on Fox News anyways. 

So for the record - one "first night", two happy hours, three shows with Kannon, the Comedy Club and a Poker Run - and Phil is down! 

Hopefully he feels better tomorrow.  We did get some medication from the Pharmacist tonight but I don't think it's what he needs.  If he's not better tomorrow, we'll head down to see the Doctor that charges 30 pesos for a visit (less than $3.00 Cdn)!  Nothing but the best care down here. 


  1. I'm sorry your fella is under the weather. I hope he heals quickly.

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