Friday, 27 February 2015

On The Mend

Okay, so we were on the mend enough to hit the pool yesterday (Phil is now officially dark again and not "pasty" like when he arrived - not bad for one pool day after two days in bed!)  Then we got invited down to John and Diane's at Ocean Palms and hit their pool for a bit.  That, of course, turned into Happy Hour on the deck.  Then a quick pulmonia ride home for a shower then out to Macaw's for Cosmos!  I love Thursdays!! 

Then we headed to Topolo for dinner.  I get that this is one of the top rated restaurants in Mazatlan but I knew there was a reason we didn't visit it on either of our two trips last year.  It really didn't impress.  The prices are high for Mazatlan and I think you can get better shrimp at many other places for a better price.  We shared the combination cilantro and tequila shrimp and dinner for me was just okay.  The ambiance, of course, is beautiful.  And I have to say the Oysters Rockefeller were amazing - the best I've ever had.  But the wine prices were outrageous (although I did have a nice glass of Chilean Cab Sauv and it was a healthy pour).  So, overall, I would return in the afternoon for appies and those Oysters Rockefeller but otherwise will probably be awhile before a return visit.

We weren't quite ready to end the night so we dropped John and Diane off and headed to Gus Gus to listen to some music.  Unfortunately, as is usually the case, there were some really drunk first timers staying at the El Cid (that's where we stayed when we were first timers!) and I was drinking red wine and wearing white so pretty much saw a disaster looking to happen so we headed off on our walk home.  It was a great night for a walk.  Rob tried really hard at Gus Gs to get the "funniest quote of the night for the blog" and I'm sure he would have if he had just a little more opportunity.  Keep trying Rob!

I'd say we're on the mend!

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