Sunday, 8 February 2015

So Tonight I Went Out With My Responsible Friends . . .

So I thought I'd be home by 8:00 pm.  And boy did I need it!  I was a bore at dinner, no engaging conversation on my part (my dinner companions were fun and excellent as usual) but I was a dud.  I was tired and planned for an early night but it was David's birthday.

So when we left Mr. Lionso's we were headed to Las Flores - for Kannon!  The tired, boring, unentertaining Laura got in the "Party Pulmonia" with dance lights and musica and she all of a sudden turned into "Laurita" and the party was on!  We had so much fun I didn't want to get out of that Pulmonia.  I won't even tell you all the songs we sang to on the way - but what would the fun be in that - first it was Alice (you know that song, Alice, Alice who the f*** is Alice) and then the Rodeo song (with more swear words) - crap this is the reason that I didn't want to name the songs - I can't remember them all.  There was that really popular cowboy song (boy that narrows it down!)  oh yeah, and then Jailhouse Rock.  Dan says that's his song but secretly we all know it really is mine! And then we ended with Wolly Bully (sp?) There were a couple more in between but I can't exactly remember - Darlene - help me out - you know all of them.

So we got to Las Flores and surprise, surprise Angel was playing with Kannon.  He usually doesn't play Sunday nights because he's with his family and he has a full time government job during the week but Sergio's son was sick so he filled in for him on bass.  Boy was he good but his fingers hurt a lot!  Apparently I was a little out of control last night after my Karaoke singing debut in Mazatlan and may have got a little crazy at Gus Gus with Angel.  Something about a horse and a butt and pictures - of which I have no recollection!  But it was all in good fun and Angel says he has it all on tape for Phil so we're all good!  When I visit for two or three weeks mine and Phil's saying is "First night and last night" that's when I have a little fun.  But I guess when I'm here for two months it happens a little more often!  Phil will be here next Friday though and I think the whole town is looking forward to that!

Had a great night though and really have to thank my Las Gavias friends for including me and letting me hang out with them.  Happy Birthday Dave - your dancing was awesome tonight!  His wife Jody - even I want to see you in that outfit! Dan - no I'm not going to get out of the way so you can see the hot girl dance!  Darlene - my pulmonia singing partner - so fun!  Thomas - you are too funny - you never cease to make me laugh.  Diana - my karaoke singing rival - I now have you on video and you are soooooo good!  Joanie - laughed so much with you today it was awesome. Chris - You said it - we barely talked at all last year but have had a great time getting to know you better this year.  And your grandchildren are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing the calendar with me.  Larry - you're just a crazy man - that's why I like you so much!  And Ann - well you're with Larry so what else can we say?!  Good job woman!  Just kidding.  Oh and then how could I forget my Mazatlan girlfriend Josie?  She makes me ham and cheese sandwiches by the pool and feeds me at midnight in her condo when I (the foodie) didn't take the time to eat all day because we were having so much fun!  You guys are the best.  Thanks for a great day!

And even though I didn't get her permission to mention her personally I don't think she would mind if I thank Melanie for getting up and singing with Kannon tonight (and other bands lots of nights).  She has such a great voice and it's so fun to watch her and she is just an amazing person.

And for those following Cathy's adventures - she didn't get home tonight.  There was a delayed flight and she's stuck somewhere for the night.  They gave her a hotel room but no food.  Being stuck on the way home really sucks.  Thinking about you Cathy! And thank you again for such a great time.

So tomorrow I'm off to Water's Edge for a cooking class with Alastair.  That will no doubt be an absolutely incredible experience!  I will hopefully get a chance to write about it tomorrow.  I better go make sure it starts at 10:00 am and not 8:00 am.  Good night!

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