Monday, 16 February 2015

Carnaval Parade

The parade was last night.  Phil and I attended the parade a couple of years ago and, as people who know me know - I'm not a crowd person - so it wasn't big on my list to attend this year.  But everyone was going and we had a couple of really great locations staked out that wouldn't catch us too far into the "frey" when trying to get out at the end of the night.

Started the night with a great group of people and then moved over to the Bodega to watch the parade.  It was great!  I had a front row balcony seat where I could see everything.  Thanks Bruce and Opal!  (The same people that gave me the front and center seat to the Good Brothers - boy do I owe them!)

The parade was beautiful.  It was really nice to see from such a great venue because I probably wouldn't go to it otherwise.  I was having convulsions in that crowd!  While the parade was totatlly amazing, the neatest thing ever was to watch, from our viewpoint, the over 700,000 strong crowd leaving the area.  It was amazing.  For those not here, Mazatlan has the third largest Mardi Gras in the world, after Rio and New Orleans.  It is quite the thing to see that many people in such a small area, and then that many people trying to leave.  All while we enjoyed our balcony view and another bottle of wine!

Another great night in Mazatlan!

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