Thursday, 12 February 2015

What Was I Thinking? When Do I Have Time To Blog??

Honestly, I can't even believe how much fun I'm having and how busy I am - even three days after Cathy left!  And I didn't know originally if I could handle it on my own but I haven't even spent a single second by myself - thanks to all my girlfriends!

Even yesterday morning I thought that I would head across the street for breakfast and use the free wifi to post a blog about my cooking class with Alastair.  As I was trying to decide where to sit a lovely woman named Rosie said "Are you by yourself? Come have breakfast with me.  I need someone to talk to!"  We had a lovely time and great conversation, but as you can see - still no blog about my cooking class!  Maybe tomorrow.

The last few days have been fun, fun, fun as usual.  Just when you think you're going to do something, something else pops up that's just as fun.  Decided to give Kannon a break from me today and didn't go to La Corriente.  Had cocktails on the deck of our good friends Paula and Londa instead with our other good friends Bill, Melanie and Chantal with those gorgeous babies Brooklyn and Cruz.  We had a great time.  Then headed out to see Rob and the All Stars and split our time seeing Tanya.  It's so hard to go see all the great music in town because there are so many playing.  But, despite that, I still managed to get to Gus Gus to watch Kannon again tonight!  Bill, Melanie and Chantal were there too and Melanie sang again tonight as beautiful as ever!

Speaking of singing, that reminds me of two totally random comments that were made to me tonight.  Can't remember where I left off my blog but I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I WON the Karaoke contest.  Well, a woman said to me tonight "Your peformance was excellent".  I liked her.  The she said "Your singing not so much, but the performance was excellent!" Then I don't think I liked her as much!   It was totally funny.  I thought that was the highlight of my night until another lady came up to me (when I was in my fansiest party dress that I brought to Mazatlan) and said "Well, anyone can look good in that dress!" Seriously??!! Clearly, I was having a bad night!!!   In any event, had a good laugh at the two comments made at my expense. Who cares?  I'm in paradise.

Still loving life . . .


  1. People like that believe they gain power by talking down to others. We know better that they are just showing their weakness. Anyway, sounds like fun times continue there in Mazatlan. I am anxious to hear about the cooking class...can't wait for your posting about that. Talk soon! Sunluv15

  2. Honestly those two comments are what all of the gang were laughing about tonight. We got so much fun out of it. So much fun! We miss you though Cathy!!